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Opening a Restaurant


Mesopotamia is considered as the starting point of civilization  and also considered  food science   starting point and spread to other locations . Egypt has affected the regions of Anatolia and other locations. Food culture has spread to Europe from these civilizations.

In the Middle Age period people  continued their life  and had their meal  at the castels or their homes ,because of the outside threats and preasures ,

The first restaurant word "restaurer" comes from to restore. Means renewed.The first restaurant  opened by“Boulanger” in the year 1700at Paris France.The restaurant name was Retaurante and   designed with long tables and people were  sitting face to face while they are eating.

The number of restaurants reached around  500 at early 18th century.

The begining of 19th century restaurant business devoloped a lot and ,the competition started,Restaurants started to serve with different menus

Today in Turkey there are thousand of restaurant serving serving different national and international  meals.20 years ago there were only soup and the simple local reasturants were opearting in different cities.National income  and the life standart increaseeffected to the competition of the restaurant sector.Recent years restaurant Business shown three times more than the growth of Turkey's  general economy.

The possibility of ordering meals  through internet also encourage the restaurant owners   of opening new branches in different locations.Food ordering over 1.000.000 internet user ,orders 30.000 meals  from 8.000 different restaurants  daily.

Each new restaurant opening initiatives needs correct analysisand  should start with a good plan. 70-80% of the opened restaurant is closed for various reasons each year.Our aim is to  draw your attention  to the  general points of achieving succes and avoiding to the points affects negativly.When you take a decision for a new investment,sometimesyour excitment,sometimes people around you and their ideas, sometimes other reasons cause overlook  some important points which cause  very bad results.We are going to mention the basic points at the opening and  also some common basic errors that cause bad results.

Have knowledge about the food,meal and restaurant business, work at different stages of the food and drink sector before, or have been trained in this business, while opening the restaurant is quite an advantage, but is not enough.

 A good shop owner must have  many other knowledge  of finance,  accounting, public relations, human resource management and many other things.Non of these subjects has any connections of making  good meal.

Your investment can be organized with much more affordable prices ,by chosen right partner and good consultation and coordination.

Although  cooking meal  may seem like a fun job  , but running  a restaurant  is actually  more than cooking a meal.Opening and running a restaurant ,even  very hard for an experienced Business leaders.The price calculation should be made by  taking into consideration the fluctuations at the raw material ,energy,rent,labor costs altough profit margins are good.

Considering below mentioned  four basic points  bring you  closer to the success,

*Quality of the equipment and the raw material used,

*Hygience of the restaurant working conditions and employees,

*Taste of the product sold,and

*Excellent service



Calculatıon of the ınvestment amount:

Investment amount shoud be calculated correctly.There are many resturants  well designed and planned at the begining but could not have success,they have finance difficulties even before opening their doors because of the miscalcullation of the investment.

Investment calculation costs are not only,construction cost,municipal licence and feess,insurance costs and operating costs.General foundation costs realization usually comes over the estimated amount that is why true investorsshould put a margin of error of 10-20% to the cost.

As a result calculating should be made with more caution and taking into consideration of all expenses points carefully.To get a Professional help will protect you from financial problems taht may occour when you opening your Business.

Most common mistakes made is to beleive to start earning Money at the beginning.This is also quite possible but if not you should not risk all your investment.Even well-known restaurants plans their budget in case they may have operational  loss in first 2-3 months .

Sales  even come to a very good level, starting from the first day but the first few weeks, food and beverage and labor costs are too high.First weeks you employe more staff as you can not guess the customer traffic  which slow down your efficiency,also your waste is going to be more then expected. That is why to bring  sales and the cost to alogical balance  takes sometime.

You should includ all these losses into your investment budget and do not expect  to have a profit first 2-3 months.


What Kind of Restaurant:

In the restaurant business ,first you must decide what kind restaurant you are going to open

You should not enter this business by thinking that,”food industry is very profitable,there is a huge market,most of the restaurant earning very good money

Be aware of very brutal competition and base your investment on a realistic criteria.Do not think that eveybody can find something to eat in your restaurant,your menu should not be mixed and complicated.Remember customer  are always looking for a special taste and special food.Bean expert inproducingthe meal whichmake a difference.Follow the sector ,check your price balance with your competitors,make sure that you can compete and create demand.Do not ever think that restaurant  business is going to help enlarge your social life and expand your environment because you are going to work while they are having fun.Think of your business as a commercial enterprise not as a hobby.

One of the most frequently made mistake is choosing the concept.There is no  importance of what you want to do, important think  is what the customer want and which price level accepted in this area..To check the existing restaurants will give you a lot of ideas.May be your planned concept is not going to suit in that region. Make your research, develop your concept according to your region.Regular customers provide benefit to the restaurants, make every effort to keep your regular customers

Make surprises and small changes to your menu which will give a nice impression and keep your customer more happy.
Customers have the right to take a look at your kitchen but usually they do not;instead their first evaluation for  the hjgience is clean toilets and the  clean staff.Pay attention these two subject  it must be at  excellent level.

Restaurant Location

Choosing the right place one of the main priorities of successful so stay away from the idea of renting improper place just to pay less, if the place square is big enough this could make more customers and more revenue considering the quality of services you provide, take into account eco-friendly locations or place teeming with people and passers; this bring to your project more interest specially if you assigned a place for smokers “with tea, coffee and water” that bring you big profits versus low cost.




Remember to add what equal to 4 months of rent as annual TAX fees to the annual rental total amount , “12 + 4  = 16 months” considering;  rent cost of one month not more than 10% of your annual turnover and keep your eyes on food material not exceed 25% of turnover.  Salaries and other expenses not more than 25% of turnover.

Consider well what can be found in your area and ask if there's banks, government offices, commercial centers, schools or universities, competing for your business or what is close to your business, selling or provide services that will you provide and what is the amount of that business “if any” ? What about social ambience and who inhabit their? People income and so on….


Most important enablers of successful project is the decoration. Chosen of colors you use, chair seats, tables must be accurate. Illumination of venue, wall paintings, must be compatible with the whole space and if you do not have enough experience in that sector ask decoration specialist so you can be more logical and efficient in your selections than false choices that lack to expertise and costly for no avail.


Also your company name, logo, colors creating the brand that allow rising of your shop! Get help from a professional corporate, identity the web-site and all other activities, feel free to allocate sufficient budget for these necessary details.



Machines and Equipments

Equipments that will be used for a years to produce what you want in your project must be highly efficient! Select the machines of good performance, durability, saving energy consumption, security, service facilities, hygiene and safety standards in the provision of products, high efficiency, eco-friendly and compliant with health standards away from simple and inexpensive machine and costly in long term of working.

Please note the following appropriate default duration of machinery:

Preparation machines 8-10 years

Cooking equipments 8-10 years

Refrigerators 8-10 years

Metal cabinets 20 years

Scoops, knives and pulleys etc ... a few years

Now, each chef prepares a list of equipment according to his own preference but we encourage you to browse through the list below for more professional job:

Machınery And Equıpment


Stove or cooker

Bain Marie

deep fryer

Convection oven

Tilting pan

Boiling pot

Meat mincing machine

Vegetable cutting machine

Kneading machine

planetary Mixers

Bread Slicing Machine

meat slicer



Coffee Maker

Coffee Machine

Hot chocolate machine

Cold drink machine

Orange squeezing machine

Ice machines



Cold room


Cold display refrigerators

Neutral display units

Hot display units

Ice cream display cabinet

The candy cart

Service trolley

Load trolley

Dish collection trolley


Preparation stainless counters



Wall cabinets

Wall shelves

Dishwasher input-output tables


Cookıng And Preparatıon Equıpment



Sauce ladle

China cone



Meat thermometer

Oven thermometer

Mixing vessel




Gastronorm containers

Rolling pin


Decor blades

Cake molds

Discussion molds

Cookie Moulds

Chocolate molds

Cream bag

Measuring cup

Measuring spoon



Decor blades

Chocolate molds



Cutting castors


Ice cream spoon

Baking Dish

Steel tray scraper

Plastering cake stand

Cake template



CAM, porcelain tableware


Dinner plate

Dessert plate

Salad bowl

Soup bowl

Various sizes of bowls

Bread plate

Coffee cup

Nescafe cup


Water glass

Cup of tea

Beverage cup

Drinking glasses

Staınless Steel Servıce Kıts

Cooking spoons, forks, knives

Dessert spoons, forks, knives,

Fish forks, knives,


Cocktail spoon

Ice cream spoon


Meat serving fork



Nescafe spoon

Pepper cruets




Bread basket

Menu booklet




Many bakeries start their business in the grand opening while many details are incomplete, lack of rehearsals and training could affect badly if you encountered a lot of visitors on that day. Something needs to be done like working in a trial period for a few weeks before the grand opening. If many guests came to the grand opening; make sure that will not have any problem and bear in mind that as much as you take precautions you will keep away from unexpected troubles!

Service & Human resources

Giving a consistent customer service is one of the main factors of successful catering business; aim to provide enough attention to this issue.

Along with product preparation techniques it’s good to submit clear invoice with every single services you provided and consider general cleaning, hygiene, behavior of the staff, uniforms format, drawing attention and listen to what the customers need, fast services, neat uniform for good external appearance to services team, team behavior in accordance with the prior rules specified administratively and professionally trained.

Responsibilities must be divided and distributed to all team members away from unprofessional and imperfect service.

On the other hand management should stimulate employees so they can keep working good and seeking to develop themselves and their work.