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Opening a Patisserie Shop


According to confectioners' Association data, there are about 30K bakeries in Turkey. More than a half operated after 1950 and most founded in Istanbul. The size of income in this sector reached about 20 billion dollars and work more than 500 thousand people in this field.

Pastry is one of industries that began to spread in Turkey through creating chains.

Just a few years ago a serious attack of opening new branches has been begun and this allows growth in bakery industry so investors who want to make new branch; they should pay 2-4% as royalty fees with budget around 80K to100K$.

Sharing your job with a partner who can support you financially or organize your job is much better in case you can’t afford it alone.

Ostensibly it may seem working in bakery is fun but; it’s not just making cake!  Even most of experienced business people who open or manage patisserie they are facing a challenge of Baking in a good way, rent, labor, energy, fluctuations in the prices of materials and to be more close to successful you may consider the following four basic elements:

Quality of materials



Finally service is the magic key

Cautions before you open pastry shop!

Calculate the amount of investment:

Budget must be calculated precisely away from expectations considering hidden costs such licenses, insurance fees, adding margin for un-expected errors “almost 10- 20% of general capital”. All cautions should be taking into account before starting your business otherwise; if you don’t have enough experience you should check with Consultancy Company to avoid any further problem you could be involved.

One of common mistakes when you open your business to believe that money you earn is profits, of course but these incomes must cover any sudden damage may result for duration of 3 months not mentioning to expenses of business setup such as maintenance, salaries which could be a little bit high comparing with income.


How you can be the first?

Decide first what you are going to offer in your shop and will you have a café style with meals and salad?

What your customers prefers unique flavor of cake or visual and diversity?

Does the atmosphere will be pleasant? Is it attractive for your customers?

Will you provide desserts with a café or you will give intensive services to your customers only? Or you will offer both due to competitors?



Remember your customers taste and give special attention to the flavor. Be an expert in producing the products which make a difference. Follow the sector of work you do very well, make sure that you can compete and create demand. Think of your business as a commercial enterprise not as a hobby.

What customer wants and the prices you can offer according to the area of your shop must be considered. Making surprises and small changes to your menu would give a nice impression and keep your project more active and effective.
Customers have the right to take a look at your kitchen; build confidence with them when the exterior reviews hygiene and clean.



Choosing the right place one of the main priorities of successful so stay away from the idea of renting improper place just to pay less, if the place square is big enough this could make more customers and more revenue considering the quality of services you provide, take into account eco-friendly locations or place teeming with people and passers; this bring to your project more interest specially if you assigned a place for smokers “with tea, coffee and water” that bring you big profits versus low cost.




Remember the taxes and add what equal to 4 months of rent to the annual total amount of rent, this like 12+4 = 16 months, keep your eye on annual expenses, it shouldn’t exceed 10% of your capital turnover.

Consider well what can be found in your area and ask if there's banks, government offices, commercial centers, schools or universities, competing for your business or what is close to your business, selling or provide services that will you provide and what is the amount of that business “if any” ? What about social ambience and who inhabit their? People income and so on….



Most important enablers of successful project is the decoration. Chosen of colors you use, chair seats, tables must be accurate. Illumination of venue, wall paintings, must be compatible with the whole space and if you do not have enough experience in that sector ask decoration specialist so you can be more logical and efficient in your selections than false choices that lack to expertise and costly for no avail



Also your company name, logo, colors creating the brand that allow rising of your shop! Get help from a professional corporate, identity the web-site and all other activities, feel free to allocate sufficient budget for these necessary details.


Machines and Equipments

Equipments that will be used for a years to produce what you want in your project must be highly efficient! Select the machines of good performance, durability, saving energy consumption, security, service facilities, hygiene and safety standards in the provision of products, high efficiency, eco-friendly and compliant with health standards away from simple and inexpensive machine and costly in long term of working.




Please note the following appropriate default duration of machinery:

Preparation machines 8-10 years

Cooking equipments 8-10 years

Refrigerators 8-10 years

Metal cabinets 20 years

Scoops, knives and pulleys etc ... a few years

Now, each chef prepares a list of equipment according to his own preference but we encourage you to browse through the list below for more professional job:

Dough kneading machine



Candy cart


Cold display refrigerators

Neutral display units

Hot display units

Ice cream display cabinet


Coffee Maker

Coffee Machine

Hot chocolate machine

Cold drink machine

Orange squeezing machine

Ice machines




Gastronorm containers

Rolling pin


Decor blades

Cake molds

Cookie Moulds

Chocolate molds

Cream bag

Measuring cup

Measuring spoon




Cutting castors


Ice cream spoon


Steel tray scraper

Cake sawmills in

Plastering cake stand

Cake template





Many bakeries start their business in the grand opening while many details are incomplete, lack of rehearsals and training could affect badly if you encountered a lot of visitors on that day. Something needs to be done like working in a trial period for a few weeks before the grand opening. If many guests came to the grand opening; make sure that will not have any problem and bear in mind that as much as you take precautions you will keep away from unexpected troubles!

 Service & Human resources

Giving a consistent customer service is one of the main factors of successful catering business; aim to provide enough attention to this issue.

Along with product preparation techniques it’s good to submit clear invoice with every single services you provided and consider general cleaning, hygiene, behavior of the staff, uniforms format, drawing attention and listen to what the customers need, fast services, neat uniform for good external appearance to services team, team behavior in accordance with the prior rules specified administratively and professionally trained.

Responsibilities must be divided and distributed to all team members away from unprofessional and imperfect service.

On the other hand management should stimulate employees so they can keep working good and seeking to develop themselves and their work.