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Opening a Meatball and Kebab Shop

Along with fast food branches; Kebab entered the race of food industry on 1980’s, intense competition in some brands reduce the cost of franchise, Kebab restaurants spread fast in Anatolia within short time duration then headed to Istanbul the big city and also spread rapidly due to lifestyle, young population & consumption habits, economy development, shopping mall centers… all these reasons was ideal factors for food industry growth in Turkey.  

Kebab opening shop could be easy job with big profits and low cost as it doesn’t need a large place, small shop with less staff employed – low rental cost and serving with a narrow menu “compared with other restaurants”! As result it’s relatively simple, advantageous business and wildly preferred.

In the meanwhile; competition is very intense so doing that job requires a good location, hygiene, clean, and good service with delicious food.

Branching Kebab restaurants start recently, investors who won’t start as of zero and have motivation to work in this field but no previous experience; they can stay under umbrella of the chains! This could cost higher when they comply to use a certain number of machinery, equipments and the amount must be spent in the same standard with franchise fees 4-5% and 5% of net profits  also the place can’t be small and your own products can’t be existed.


Choosing the right place one of the main priorities of successful so stay away from the idea of renting improper place just to pay less, if the place square is big enough this could make more customers and more revenue considering the quality of services you provide, take into account eco-friendly locations or place teeming with people and passers; this bring to your project more interest specially if you assigned a place for smokers “with tea, coffee and water” that bring you big profits versus low cost.



Remember the taxes and add what equal to 4 months of rent to total annual rental amount, this like 12+4 = 16 months, considering rent cost of one month not more than 10% of your annual turnover and keep your eyes on food material not exceed 25% of turnover and salaries, other expenses not more than 25% of turnover as well.



Check well what can be found in your area such banks, government offices, commercial centers, schools or universities, competitors or what close to your business; selling or provide services that you will serving and how much the turnover? What about social ambience and who inhabit their? People income does the location suitable for business growth?...


Most important enablers of successful project is the decoration. Chosen of colors you use, chair seats, tables must be accurate. Illumination of venue, wall paintings, must be compatible with the whole space and if you do not have enough experience in that sector ask decoration specialist so you can be more logical and efficient in your selections than false choices that lack to expertise and costly for no avail.


When you are preparing meat remember to offer the good taste and special attention to the flavor, be an expert in producing your products which make difference, follow the sector you are working in; the prices is your balance, make sure you can complete and create demand.






Cooking shouldn’t be quickly or in direct contact with the flame and finally enrich the table with sweets.




Machines and Equipments


Equipments that will be used for a years to produce what you want in your project must be highly efficient! Select the machines of good performance, durability, saving energy consumption, security, service facilities, hygiene and safety standards in the provision of products, high efficiency, eco-friendly and compliant with health standards away from simple and inexpensive machine and costly in long term of working.



Please note the following appropriate default duration of machinery:

Preparation machines 8-10 years

Cooking equipments 8-10 years

Refrigerators 8-10 years

Metal cabinets 20 years

Scoops, knives and pulleys etc ... a few years...now; the following are the equipments you need:



Coal Mangal

Meatball Machine

Onion chopping machine

Deep fryer

Meat mincing machine

Minced kneading machine

Vegetable cutting machine


Coffee Maker

Coffee Machine

Cold drink machine

Orange squeezing machine


Type refrigerators Warehouse

Cold display refrigerators

Neutral display units

Hot display units

Service car

Load trolley

Dish collection trolley


Preparation stainless counters



Wall cabinets

Wall shelves





Sauce ladle

Various meat opening knives




Butter Pan

Gastronorm containers



Onions armor

Spice jars


CAM, porcelain tableware


Dinner plate

Dessert plate

Salad bowl

Soup bowl

Various sizes of bowls

Bread plate

Coffee cup

Nescafe cup

Cup of tea

Beverage cup

Water glass


Cooking spoons, forks, knives

Dessert spoons, forks, knives,



Nescafe spoon

Pepper cruets




Bread basket

Menu booklet