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Cold Water Dispenser

Inside / outside body 304 stainless steel, Monoblock s/s tank, Profile structure reinforce body resistance, resistance system can be easily mounted and changed, Injection Polyurethane isoleted, Connection to the main water in let, with floating system, Cooling gas cfc free R404, Cooling temperature 1/12 degree, Can be manufacture 2-3-4-5 taps according to the capacity.

EM80  420x595x1450 - (2 taps)  80lt capacity
EM120 420x595x1650 (2 taps) 120lt capacity
EM150 560x600x1750 (2/3 taps) 150lt capacity
EM200 700x600x1750 (2/4 taps) 200lt capacity
EM250 805x600x1750 (2/4 taps) 250lt capacity
EM300 950x600x1750 (2/4 taps) 300lt capacity
EM350 1000x600x1750 (2/4 taps)350lt capacity
EM400 1220x600x1750 (2/4 taps)400lt capacity
EM500 1500x600x1750 (5 taps) 500lt capacity