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Pizza Oven/Electric Operated
Pizza Oven/Electric Operated
  • Body is constructed of Cr-Ni s/s sheet and profile of AISI 304 Quality,
  • Thermostat between 50-500 C, temperature adjustable, Safety thermostat up to 580 C
  • Each deck can be controlled separately,
  • Oven covers can stay open safely thanks to balancing weight,
  • Heat resistant bottom of refractory bricks
  • Insulated with rock wool completely ,
  • Can be placed on table or worktable,
  • Can be used in hotels, restaurants, cafeterias, pizzerias

PO5050DE    6kw 240/400v, pizza cap. 4+4 (25cm) 800*720*500
PO6262DE    10kw 240/400v, pizza cap. 4+4(30 cm) 920*820*780
PO6868DE    10kw 240/400v, pizza cap. 4+4(33 cm) 960*840*780
PO6292DE    12kw 240/400v, pizza cap. 6+6 (30 cm) 920*1140*780
PO9262DE    12kw240/400v, pizza cap. 6+6 (30 cm) 1220*820*780
PO9292DE    16kw240/400v, Pizza Cap. 9+9 (30cm) 1220*1140*780