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Multipurpose Patisserie Oven
Multipurpose PIZZA,MEAT PIE OVEN  Electric, 
Stone cooking base
Temperature controll
Adjustable timer
Interior light
Indipendent controll system for each deck
Special insulation to prevent heat loss
Exhaust hood to absorb smell,smoke and humidity
Mobil base 
With stand,
Single  Oven: Capacity Diameter 34 cm   6 pcs.     9,5 kw 400V, 1350*950*1280 mm,
Double Oven: Capacity Diameter 34 cm  12 pcs. 2*9,5 kw 400V, 1350*950*1280 mm,
With Proofing Cabinet
Triple   Oven: Capacity Diameter 34 cm  18 pcs. 3*9,5 kw 400V, 1350*950*1140 mm,
Proofing Cabinet:         Diameter 34 cm  10 pcs.        3 kw 220V, 1350*950*700 mm,