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Doner Machine - Elc - Top Motor

•     Electric controlled and complete with Ceran glass.
•     Ceran glass surface enables easy cleaning after use.
•     Side flaps are available as an option.
•     In case of failure of the electric motor, the machine can be controlled manually.
•     Flame curtain moving along with the motor extends the life of the motor.

ADE-3 Ceramic glass,electric, 3 heaters,4,8Kw,490*670*1024 mm, Elc 
ADE-4 Ceramic glass,electric, 4 heaters,6,4 Kw,490*670*1191 mm, Elc 
ADE-5 Ceramic glass,electric, 5 heaters,8,0 Kw,490*670*1358 mm, Elc