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Water Heater
Products are manufactured from 304 stainless steel.
Hygienic and durable.
Automatic temperature control system is efficient.
There are heat-insulated handles.
The product has a level indicator for water.
Water heating system is specially designed.
Provides hot water all day long.
Stainless steel tubular heating elements are used in the product.
Special model taps ergonomic use.
CE certified.
Available with 5 sizes:

R34                         12 lt.      325*360*440mm              2000 W

R35                         15 lt.      345*380*445mm              2000 W

R36                         22 lt.      385*420*480mm              2200 W

R37                         36 lt.      450*480*570mm              2750 W

R38                         40 lt.      485*535*590mm              2750 W